How Ecommerce websites work?

How Ecommerce websites work?

E-commerce is quite simply the purchase of goods and/or services by the internet. There is a rapid increase observed in online purchase by internet users.

Ecommerce website is made of three different components. First component is shopping cart. It is software that just runs on your ecommerce website. This shopping cart software has couple of jobs to do. First of all, it looks at the items in cart to come together to subtotal for the order. The shopping cart then has another job to do. It has job to configure some shipping logic. Then, it has to figure out the tax too. Once you have the subtotal, tax, and shipping, shopping cart’s job is done.

So, once the shopping cart is done, component 2 of three ‘payment gateway’ comes in.  It takes credit card numbers of customer and processes it. Behind the scenes, payment gateway reaches to Visa and MasterCard and onto card issuing bank to finally process that. And, in that moment, the last component ‘merchant account’ kicks into play.  Every time you process a credit card transaction, money has to actually move somewhere. So, it goes into special type of bank account called merchant account. Then, from there it’s settled out from merchant account into regular business bank account the next day, or some merchants choose to do it once a week.

E-commerce has significantly transformed the business scenario. To captivate successfully on visits, e-commerce website design is an important factor to consider. Interface of e-commerce websites should be easy-to-use as it helps visitor at every stage of buying and selling online. Incorporation of high-quality images, trust symbols, contact information and ‘call-to action’ links or buttons are essential to make your ecommerce website into a complete sales website. The ecommerce website design must be relevant and suitable for the products that are being sold on platform.

With such stiff competition in market, one cannot possibly deny the importance of website designing.  In our opinion, website designing is very important to brand your business and for internet marketing as well. If an ecommerce website design is not up to the mark then you have to face many problems while promoting your ecommerce website.  Launching your own ecommerce website has become now so easy with available platforms. Ecommerce solution Shopify is perhaps the best and easiest e-commerce platform to start your online store with.