Future of E-commerce – 5 Upcoming Trends

Future of E-commerce – 5 Upcoming Trends

The E-commerce business has said to be growing consistently and is expected to rise to $20 billion by 2020 from $5.3 billion in 2015. Without a doubt the e-commerce business is developing on an ongoing pace and all kinds of businesses are making it a point to focus on digital sales selling. As the e-commerce sector grows there are quite a few upcoming trends that consumers should be aware of.

  1. Compelling content

Websites will be created that visually stand out and appeal to the consumers. The unique content and design is needed and quite necessary as it helps customers be more engaging as well as building an emotional connection with the product. The product isn’t the only thing that requires a unique content, but also the social media posts, blogs and more. Unique and interesting content is necessary as it helps customers follow the certain brand.

  1. Consumer fragmentation

Nowadays, consumers have greater access to buying goods and services as compared to before. This greater access is only possible as every other person is in a possession of a phone now and thus making it easier for them to have instant access to products that they wish to purchase with the click of a button.

  1. Same day delivery

Online delivery services have now created the opportunity for people to receive their goods on the same day. This suggests that the customer can get their delivery within 24 hours on any day of the week. This concept has the ability to revolutionize the industry as it will increase the convenience level of the customer since the delivery will be done within a day. Same delivery would also magnify the customers shopping experience.

  1. Measuring connected delivery

Consumers tend to constantly change their devices while shopping online from mobile apps to web. Therefore, device driven analytics plays an important role as it helps e-commerce ventures to assess their customers at a better level. Moreover they would be able to use the given information to make their shopping experience even better.

  1. Social commerce

Social media is an important part of almost every individual’s life now. Therefore it has become an upcoming trend to involve social media with e-commerce. The use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a lot more helps businesses to reach a large audience and can easily attract many consumers as well.

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