A visitor undresses in the lobby of a Dubai hotel

Dubai Courts and Prosecutor’s Office
Image Credit: Clint Egbert / Gulf News

Dubai: A visitor to Dubai undressed after police asked him to leave a hotel following several complaints he was annoying hotel employees and customers.

According to the Dubai Magistrate’s Court, the 63-year-old Swiss visitor was sleeping on a sofa in the hotel lobby when officers asked him to wake up and leave the premises.

He asked the officers to let him sleep. He got angry when they refused and began to undress, keeping his underwear on when the officers told him they would take him to the police station.

A 44-year-old policeman responded to a call from the Refaa area hotel in May this year, saying the accused was causing trouble. “I found him asleep on the sofa in the hall. I woke him up and he asked me to leave him pretending he was tired. I told him that if he refused to leave the place, then I would take him to the police station. At that, he shouted and took off his clothes, remaining in his underwear, ”the policeman said in official records.

The policeman asked him to dress but the defendant refused. The officer then called his manager, who asked him to bring the accused to the station. “I tried to hold him back but he resisted arrest. He hit the ground and I fell with him while I was holding him, ”added the policeman.

The defendant insulted the policeman who put him on the police patrol with the help of a second patroller. “He threw himself on the patrol vehicle and his head hit the car, injuring himself. Her head started to bleed. We called an ambulance to treat him there.

The accused managed to escape and run inside the hotel, but the officers caught up with him.

The Dubai prosecutor’s office indicted the accused of assaulting and insulting police officers on duty.

He was further charged with causing damage to the police patrol.

The next hearing is scheduled for July 11.

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