Dubai hotel where staff will speak Spanish and customers can pay in euros

A new hotel set to open in Dubai’s Heart of Europe development will offer an international atmosphere to visitors, even those staying in the UAE.

The Marbella Hotel, which is slated to be completed in time for Expo 2020 Dubai, aims to transport guests to another world, or at least another continent.

Staff at the hotel, which is slated to open fully in 2022/2023, will be Spanish speaking and euros will be used as the primary currency.

The sprawling complex will have a Spanish language and cooking school, while guests will be able to learn the art of flamenco dance.

The developers said the hotel apartments are not yet for sale and the sales launch is expected to take place during the Expo event.

Earlier this year, The National has been informed that the first phase of the Heart of Europe will be open to the public in time for Expo 2020.

And this despite several delays on the project, in particular because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Kleindienst Group, who are the developers of The Heart of Europe, said the Spanish-themed hotel is now 50% complete.

“Construction in the heart of Europe is proceeding at a tangible pace, despite the pandemic,” said Josef Kleindienst, chairman of the Kleindienst group.

“The 50% completion of the Marbella project structure marks the strong development of phase 2 in the heart of Europe.

“As construction of the Marbella hotel progresses in the heart of Europe – the premier hospitality destination and $ 5 billion secondary paradise amid the islands of the world is one more step towards its global debut . “

The Heart of Europe is a cluster of six islands, four kilometers from the coast of Dubai, which is one of the Islands of the World – a project that was first announced in 2003.

The cluster is also home to a beach palace known as the Island of Sweden, which sold for 100 million Dh ($ 27.22 million) before the pandemic, and floating villas, called seahorses, which have reaches prices of up to 20 million Dh each.

It was reported in 2018 that one of the floating villas near the Burj Al Arab had sunk. But Mr Kleindienst was quick to point out that it was in fact an event platform that had collapsed into the sea.

American actress Lindsay Lohan announced in 2018 that she was going to build her own themed resort, Lindsayland, on the islands of the world. She then deleted her Instagram ad despite receiving 20,000 likes.

Update: July 7, 2021, 10:18 a.m.

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