East Asian Restaurant Shanghai Me Now Delivers Across Dubai

Shanghai Me is now available to order exclusively on Deliveroo, serving a menu specially curated by Chef Shane Macneill, inspired by the cultural heritage and culinary delights of China and East Asia.

Designed to travel well, without compromising on quality or flavor, the delivery menu is a modern take on Pan-Asian cuisine. Dubai residents can now enjoy Shanghai Me signature dishes in the comfort of their own homes and in their surroundings.

The menu features sesame shrimp entrees on toast, grated duck spring rolls and vegetable spring rolls, followed by sweet and sour mushroom soup and chicken and sweet corn soup. Crispy Duck Salad and Baby Chicken Salad, served with avocado and sesame, provide fresh and invigorating flavors.

With a selection of nourishing seafood and meat, main courses include wok beef with garlic and black pepper sauce, wok sweet and sour chicken with bell peppers and succulent triple cooked Angus short ribs. . Diners can feast on Wok Szechuan prawns with mixed vegetables and a delicate grilled silver cod served with a yuzu miso sauce. Singaporean chicken and shrimp noodles and vegetarian fried rice make the perfect accompaniment, designed to be shared with friends, families and loved ones.

To end each meal on a sweet note, Shanghai Me serves a Giant Fortune Cookie filled with hazelnut and matcha mousse, accompanied by a message and a blessing for each person. Shanghai Me delivery service is available daily from noon, filling meals with luck, courage and prosperity.

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