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Sony Electronics has announced the new Bravia XR TV series, including the Master Series Z9K 8K and X95K 4K Mini LED models, the Master Series A95K, A80K 4K OLED and X90K 4K LED models.

Powered by the XR Cognitive Processor, the unique XR Backlight Master Reader precisely controls the latest generation Z9K and X95K Series Mini LED backlight for incredible brightness. Viewers can enjoy unprecedented dynamic range with dazzling lights and deep blacks, as well as natural midtones with almost no reflections or halos around highlights.

The XR Cognitive Processor also powers the A95K’s new OLED (QD-OLED) panel with XR Triluminos Max, which offers Sony’s widest color palette and naturally reproduces beautiful shades and hues. With millions of self-illuminating individual pixels, the A95K delivers more color than ever for a whole new viewing experience.

“These new innovations help us deliver the best and most immersive viewing experiences, authentically delivering the true intent of the creator,” a press release said. “When watching movies, viewers can experience our enhanced Acoustic Surface Audio + for OLED models and Acoustic Multi-Audio for LED models, precisely matching the position of sound with on-screen images for an audio experience. / truly immersive visual. “

The line also includes new features that personalize and enhance home entertainment.

In collaboration with Netflix, Sony launched Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode, which automatically adjusts image processing based on ambient light, so that users’ favorite shows and movies look like the creator’s intention, in all conditions. In addition, Sony’s new Bravia Core calibrated mode will automatically adjust the quality of the image on the screen to better align it with the original vision of the video creator.

All Bravia XR 2022 TVs are designated as ‘Perfect for PlayStation 5’, which includes two PS5 exclusive features: automatic HDR tone mapping and automatic genre picture mode.

“Sony is committed to providing the best viewing experience possible, regardless of home environment or content selection,” said Takakiyo Fujita, general manager, Sony Middle East and Africa. “With best-in-class picture and sound quality, our new TVs enhance any streaming and gaming content on screen to create a powerfully immersive big-screen experience. “

This year Sony is also introducing a newly developed original camera, Bravia Cam, which recognizes where users are sitting and optimizes picture and sound accordingly. It includes gesture controls, video chat, and other new experiences waiting to be explored.

With the growing demand for even larger TV screens, there is also a risk of increased resource and energy use. However, Sony is committed to ensuring the sustainability of the development process until the visual experience.

Sony’s “Road to Zero” global environmental plan aims to achieve a sustainable society by achieving a zero environmental footprint throughout the lifecycle of its products and business activities by 2050. With these goals to the spirit, the company’s 2022 televisions use a high content of recycled plastic. with Sorplas developed by Sony.

“By using Sorplas, we have increased our use of recycled materials without sacrificing design and durability and reduced the overall use of virgin plastic by up to 60%, which equates to approximately 140,000,000 compact discs,” said the society.

Additionally, Sony’s Bravia camera can recognize when viewers are no longer in front of the TV and dim the screen to save power.

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