Introducing 53, a new world-class experiential dining destination in Dubai

The brainchild of a team of industry experts, innovators and leading experts in hospitality and event production, opening in June 2022, 53 is stepping onto the restaurant scene in luxury and experiential catering with the aim of creating a 360° culinary experience. ‘ Boasting a stunning interior decor with views of the Dubai skyline from its floor-to-ceiling glass windows, inviting guests to enjoy an early evening sunset that will turn into an unforgettable night and a unique approach to multicultural and Mediterranean cuisine, 53 is set to rise to the top as a Dubai-based luxury restaurant and experiential dinner show brand.

53 will be the GCC’s highest dinner show, located at 53rd floor of the Sheraton Grand Hotel on Sheik Zayed Road.

Witnessing the growing popularity of dinner shows in the region, the founders of 53 saw an opportunity to offer something currently lacking in today’s market, and an experiential dinner show and cocktail bar that embraces continuity and purpose, with the brand ethos being the balance between the number 5 and 3.

53 creates an unforgettable experience, blending premium dining, performing arts and live entertainment, taking you on a journey throughout the evening. In an energetic culture, 53 transports guests away from the normal dining experience and allows them time to connect and engage while being entertained.

The founders have earned a reputation for developing an originality factor in their current endeavors in event production, setting up 53 at the highest level of lights and sounds. Their unique approach created the perfect canvas to make it a culinary artist’s dream, as it allowed them to show the upper limits of their creativity through taste, music, sound and spectacle.

The core of 53 stems from its identity as a native UAE brand, every facet of 53 evokes originality and every element has been planned down to the smallest detail, from its name and business philosophy to its menu. personalized cocktail party and the integration of all elements of the venue, including staff members as part of the show, which will unfold as guests navigate the cocktail and dinner journey over the course of the evening.


53 will provide a stream in the form of entertainment, from the cocktails, bar, decor, screens and staff, the dinner shows will take place on several sets of elevated stages giving the opportunity for all guests to immerse themselves in all elements of the venue, without distracting from the dining experience. 53 has appointed acclaimed event and show producer Jean Sakr, from Lebanon, with the task of creating original shows that will not only become 53’s signature, but a landmark in UAE entertainment to the world.

To eat

With innovation at the helm, 53 is transforming the dining experience with the most extraordinary culinary artists, making it a union of the highest standards and a lively ambiance for adventurous dining. Menu 53 is proud to draw inspiration from all corners of the world, led by Chef Esteban Torregosa, with inspiration from Mediterranean, Latin American style and Asian fusion touches.


With a carefully curated cocktail menu, 53’s drink offering is a masterpiece created by mixologist Bar Manager Erion Bardhoci, an artist mixologist behind The Artesian in London and The Arts Club in Dubai. The 53-cocktail menu features cocktails that embrace numerology, wholesomeness, and purpose. With a playful approach to the road, diners can order the menu by selecting each cocktail, according to their personal tastes or their knowledge of numerology. The cocktail menu has been developed with organic and zero waste products to participate in sustainable development.

Guests can expect an atmosphere of effortless indulgence combined with the finest live entertainment. 53 will be a sanctuary for all who approach life with purpose and meaning, allowing them to relax, socialize and celebrate in the most elegant environment stimulating the senses.

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