Jiangnan Spring opened in Dubai

Enter a world of exquisite Cantonese flavors at Jiangnan Spring, the latest addition to Dubai’s thriving culinary scene, which is sure to take the city by storm. Opening its doors on the 15thand September at the Ibis Style Hotel, Dragon Mart, guests can expect an array of vibrant flavors that will transport you to the Chinese mainland.

An immersive setting for drinking and dining, Jiangnan Spring will offer a contemporary take on authentic Cantonese cuisine. Serving a signature menu of Cantonese classics and exotic drinks that offers both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, the venue promises to deliver a larger-than-life dining experience for patrons.

That’s not all, its mysterious location in the Ibis Style Hotel, Dragon Mart also houses 14 huge private dining rooms of varying sizes, perfect for celebrations of all shapes and sizes. The restaurant offers a dining room for those who want to hang out in the evening and 19 funky KTV rooms for you and your friends to sing your heart out. To complete your dining experience, her captivating and majestic interiors will serve as a backdrop for social media-loving guests.

The chefs at Jiangnan Spring aim to create an innovative dining experience that will stay with you long after you leave. With over 20 years of combined culinary experience in the hospitality industry, guests can expect iconic creations created by Jiangnan Spring’s culinary team.

From the kitchen, guests can look forward to a fine dining experience with reinvented Cantonese classics such as Braised Goose Legs with Abalone Sauce, Peking roast duck, Cantonese barbecue goose, Charcoal grilled beef steak, Chinese East Sea cucumber, and more.

Guests can choose to feast in the spacious dining room that allows for tours and reservations or book a private dining experience, perfect for hosting intimate gatherings, birthday parties and more. With the addition of state-of-the-art karaoke rooms, Jiangnan Spring offers a tailor-made experience for every occasion.

Seamlessly blending an impressive dining experience with entertainment, an unparalleled Cantonese experience awaits you at Jiangnan Spring.

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