New acts and improved performances take center stage at DREAM Dubai

DREAM Dubai, the immersive destination offering the perfect combination of art, performance and world-class gastronomy, presents a new repertoire of must-see shows.

Located at the Address Beach Resort, where luxury meets hospitality, a new cast takes center stage bringing glamorous and innovative entertainment to partygoers across the city. Expect an array of live shows featuring international acts and theatrical performances highlighting the dining experience, all exclusively choreographed by Pierre Khadra.

The performances redefine the concept of “dinner with a show,” with never-before-seen performances that will continue to deliver the surreal experiences that DREAM is renowned for. Adding excitement to the stellar lineup of songs, dances, stunts, stunts, magic shows and more has international artists and performers talking a lot.

DREAM promises to titillate the senses and open up a realm filled with art and beauty, with guests transported to key locations around the world where unforgettable experiences and larger-than-life celebrations await guests.

Complementing the extravagant shows, a decadent menu offers an unparalleled dining experience with cuisines ranging from Mediterranean to international, a plethora of options for vegetarians and meat and seafood lovers, all as delicious as the stage performance.

DREAM entertainment and furnishings are inspired by the different stages of dreams and their ethereal world. Every guest has a great view, with the stage right in the middle and seats arranged around it with split levels for an incredible view.

Nazih Hafez, COO of Sunset Hospitality Group, said: “We received great feedback when we opened DREAM Dubai, so we want to make sure guests will be delighted when we welcome them back. Expect plenty of exciting new shows, world-class acts, musicals and unforgettable nights that will truly make a splash in Dubai. Each show provides a fascinating and captivating experience that will keep guests coming back to the venue.

DREAM is open Tuesday to Sunday, from 8:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. To reserve a table, please call 04 220 0224 or email

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