Shah Rukh Khan trending again for Dubai Tourism Ad

Shah Rukh Khan is trending again in India and Dubai. But why? You are mistaken if you think this is for the next “Pathaan” movie. Should we spill the beans already?

After a brief hiatus and a low profile following the arrest of his son, Shah Rukh Khan is back in full force! Shah Rukh Khan is now seen endorsing something else in an ad that has gone viral.

In Shah Rukh Khan’s latest ad Tourism in Dubaihe gives us a glimpse of the adorable father-daughter bond and how Suhana’s advice makes her life more colorful and beautiful!

Tuesday, Shah Rukh Khan’romance king of india‘ took to Instagram and shared a video of Dubai’s new tourism ad.

The video begins with Shah Rukh doing his signature pose with the Atlantis Palm Hotel in the background.

After finishing, he receives a call from his daughter Suhana who urges him to go for a walk and have fun in Dubai since he is in a tourist destination.

Then he quickly follows Suhana’s advice and sets off to explore the Arab town.
In the ad, Shah Rukh Khan can be seen showing off her long tresses and it left many fans completely awestruck.

The commercial ad highlights iconic locations and landmarks in the Middle Eastern city as Shah Rukh Khan hops from location to location, giving viewers a taste of Dubai.
SRK dances in the streets interacting with people and even attends a fabulous party.

He even enthusiastically plays football at the beach with some young boys.
At the end of the day, Suhana calls him back and asks how his day was. With a huge smile on his face, he replied, “Thanks to you, I had the best day of my life.”

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