Tevalis ME launches in Dubai

Tevalis ME has arrived in Dubai to mix things up in the world of Epos services, with a recent launch party. With its sponsors, the company has brought together the biggest names in Dubai’s hospitality industry at Phileas Fogg’s in Emirates Hills.

Tevalis brings its unique Epos “ecosystem” brand to the region, which allows operators to access their business data and fully integrated software solutions. With the new opening in Dubai, they are expanding their customer services already established in the GCC.

Tevalis ME moved to Dubai under the leadership of Managing Director James Corrigan, who has worked for several years as a frontline operator and knows that success in the hospitality industry requires the perfect blend of your business knowledge, a passion for service and a little bit of personality.

Existing clients of Tevalis in Dubai include Forefront Hospitality with numerous locations including The Scene, Mr Miyagi’s, El Chapo Taco, Yas Marina, Phileas Fogg, The Orangery, Sky Hawk Restaurants, Weslodge, Hotel Cartagena, Culinary Boutique and Mint Leaf of London . Its most recent partner is Time Out Market Dubai, adding to those it already serves in Boston, New York, Chicago, Miami and Montreal.

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