The highly anticipated URLA is now open in Downtown Dubai

Chandan Sojitra

URLA is now open and ready to bring high octane energy, glamor and unmatched flavor to the heart of the city. Located at the fountain level of the Address Downtown Dubai hotel, the URLA invites its guests to experience a slice of Aegean paradise, capturing the atmosphere of summer and sunsets, through the coastal roads of the Spain, Greece and western Turkey. With up-close and intimate views of the dazzling Burj Khalifa and unrivaled views of the Dubai fountains, watch the sun set in the sky and the fountains dance for life.

Named after the town of URLA, a gourmet corner of Turkey’s west coast, URLA’s culinary roots celebrate flavor and vibrant storytelling, encompassing the best of Aegean cuisine, taking inspiration from the surrounding landscapes as well than Greece and Spain. URLA invites customers to discover a menu bursting with fresh produce from land and sea, all exclusive to the beautiful Aegean coasts, offering a new interpretation of traditional dishes. The URLA menu presents contemporary and cosmopolitan cuisine with an artisan touch, focusing on sharing dishes divided into “Share the sea” and “Share the mountain”.

Settle into the evening with an exquisite platter of fresh oysters or savor a sea bass ceviche, served with crispy sweet potatoes, cancha seeds and tiger milk. For caviar lovers, enjoy a slice of toasted butter brioche topped with the world’s first caviar. Browsing through the menu to the sea-inspired main courses, customers can feast on a gourmet lobster confit with sautéed vegetables and baby potatoes as well as the monkfish skewer, complemented by Padrόn peppers and garlic crisps.

Share the Mountain dishes start with URLA’s Meze Plates, which are six delicious Aegean Mezes, or URLA’s Beef Carpaccio, infused with rosemary smoke and decorated with figs, pine nuts and jam. apricot. The braised prime rib is served with silky orzo pasta and seasonal wild mushrooms. Dive into the USDA Prime Tenderloin, served with seared foie gras, caramelized onions combined with a rich truffle sauce, explore the traditional roots of URLA with the divine Tulum Cheese Erişte, a homemade Turkish dough serenaded with crushed nuts. To end the evening on a sweet note, dip a spoon into a delicate Catalan pineapple Brûlée or the Spanish favorite golden torrija, a soft bread dipped in cinnamon and milk, decorated with gold sprinkles and served with a Ice Cream With Vanilla.

Toast the sunset in Dubai as you explore one of the largest grape cellars the city has to offer, all of which have been handpicked by the URLA sommelier. Sip on artisanal drinks, decorated with edible flowers and fruits of Aegean territory, such as fresh peaches and pomegranate.

L’URLA invites guests to go from dusk to dawn, with elegant evenings accompanied by funky lounge beats. The stunning venue design was built around the concept of a coastline, with the patio arch paying homage to the curve of a sunset, while the surrounding colors and textures explore the myriad of grapes in the season. summery, soft blush hues to deep cabernet, all of which are complemented by the chic marble flooring. The central bar embraces a remarkable olive tree which is illuminated throughout the evening, adding even more sparkle and glamor to the Aegean-inspired venue.

As the sun sets in the sky and the early evening gives way to night, the indoor dining room will transform into an unforgettable evening spot, bringing energy and glamor to the city center. One of the most stylish places in Dubai, expect the unexpected at the URLA.

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